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Skin Script

All Skin Types.  All Ages.  Affordable.

What is Skin Script?


Skin Script is a natural, fruit-based skin care line, containing a high concentration of clinical actives and cosmeceuticals that can only be purchased through a licensed skin care professional.

Skin Script is a professional grade line that is all natural, cruelty-free, paraben free, organic fruit based and ideal for treating all skin types.

Skin Script’s philosophy is based on progressive rather then aggressive treatments. They have a great variety of home care, like the  Pomegranate Antioxidant cleanser for those with dry, sensitive, or rosacea. One of our personal faves (it smells amazing).

Reasonably priced, quality treatments and home care products will put you on the path to obtaining and maintaining your Confident Complexion!

How can I buy Skin Script?

We carry many products in store, and you can take them home with you after your service. Alternatively, we can drop ship the products directly from their warehouse, and you'll have more selection as well. Click below to shop our online store and we will ship them to you directly. If you'd like to purchase products not found in our shop please contact us directly by phone or email  (562) 444-5191


FREE Samples with every $100 Order.

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