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From the heart of Paris, Guinot brings a sophistication and elegance to skin care. A staple in many of the top salons around the world, including its own, Guinot skin care products are lauded for their nourishing, reparative benefits available for a variety of skin conditions, types and ages.

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Care for your face and body with Guinot Paris products

Loved and trusted by spas across the globe, Guinot Paris skin, sun and body care products were born from innovative technology and techniques that set the standards for skin care excellence you trust today. With Guinot products as part of your daily regimen, it’s easier than ever to feel your best as you enjoy refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized skin.

SkinSpa Rx is a trusted source for Guinot treatments and products for over 30 years! When you shop SkinSpa Rx's wide range of Guinot skin care products you know you get the freshest, up to date products direct from Guinot. 


About Guinot

Founded more than 50 years by French chemist Rene Guinot, Guinot Paris skin, body, and sun care products were developed as treatment-compatible products that clients could use whether at the spa or in the comfort of their own homes. Today, Guinot products are used in over one thousand U.S. spas and thousands of prestigious salons and spas worldwide.

Each Guinot product is guided by professional expertise, harkening back to the brand’s roots—the spa. Guinot believes that everyone's skin is different, with different environmental stressors at different times, which is why they offer such a wide array of products. The crossroads of professional services and retail, at-home products brings about the skin beauty on which Guinot prides itself.

Aside from industry-leading home and spa treatment products, Guinot is known for its ethical beauty standards. When you shop Guinot, you can rest assured you’re anti-aging skin care products are free from parabens, animal testing and sourced from non-GMO plant-based, environmentally conscious ingredients.

Guinot features an impressive line of skin care products tailored to address your skin concerns. Shop everyday skin care products for advanced anti-aging and revitalizing formulas for every part of your skin care regimen, including Guinot cleanserstonersserumseye treatment productsmoisturizersanti-aging treatments and sun protection products.

Guinot also specializes in exfoliation products, skin lightening and brightening products and men’s skin care products.  SkinSpa Rx offers the full range of Guinot Paris products.  If you do not see something you need please let us know and we will order it for you! 

SkinSpa Rx is your home for information, inspiration and innovative skin care products

At SkinSpa Rx, we take pride in offering organic, dermatologist-recommended and medical-grade skin care products you can trust. If you need product recommendations, our highly trained Customer Care Team has you covered.  Call or text us at (562) 444 - 5191

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