Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants
Powered by Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®(AHP®) — tough on germs but safer on users and the planet.


What’s in Your Disinfectant?

Disinfectants are easy to develop, but they are often quite toxic. Our products are different — Powerful while Safe. Now there’s an alternative to the harsh disinfectants you may be using in your salon. Isn't it time you made the switch to something better?


Formulated with YOU in Mind

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® or AHP® is the unique formula in our disinfectants. AHP is a patented blend of surfactants  combined with Hydrogen Peroxide which results in superior disinfecting performance — while remaining gentle on users and the planet.


Eco-Friendly for the PLANET

Being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you have to compromise on speed or effectiveness. Our products disinfect in as little as 1 MINUTE, ten times faster than the competition.  Products safely breakdown into water and oxygen. That’s the power of going GREEN with AHP®.