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Guinot Age Logic Eye Serum 0.51 fl oz.

Same Formula. Only the name has changed.

Age Logic Eye Serum is a unique serum effective against the signs of time and fatique.

Age Logic Eye Serum reduces the appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles and lines that usually form around the eye area over time.

Age Logic Time Serum Eye is an intensive treatment for the delicate eye area,.

It restores elasticity, reinforces the skin's natural resistance to environmental aggression and reduces the signs of age and fatigue.

Age Logic Eye Serum contains the following cellular regenerative properties which work on several levels to rejuvenate the eye contour:

ATP - the energy molecule which contributes to cell renewal, thereby helping skin compensate for the lack of ATP caused by aging. The ATP is encapsulated to ensure gradual, sustained-release dosage over time.

Actinergie - is an innovative active ingredient that increases cellular oxygen consumption and thereby boosting lethargic cell activity.

Cellular Life Complex - Guinot's signature powerful cocktail of 20 amino acids, 14 vitamins, 15 biologicial actives and 7 mineral salts stimulates cellular metabolic activity and encourages cell renewal.

Eyeliss - combination of 3 active ingredients specifically used to combat puffiness.

Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants which combat oxidative stress. They also provide a response to the problem of free radical formation by compensating aging cells' lack of natural resistance against environmental aggression.

Hydrocyte Complex - retains water in teh skin cells therefore preventing dehydration lines from appearing.

Directions: Apply the Age Logic Eye Serum at night on the eyelids and around the eye area. Use the tip of your fingers to smooth the product under the eyes and eyelids, from the inner corner towards the outer corner.

Guinot Age Logic Eye Serum

  • Age Logic Yeux

    This cream regenerates, firms and tightens the skin around the eye area.

    Skin Type:

    All Skin Types

    Anti- Aging

    Treatment Type: 

    Use Daily: Morning and Evening

    Key Ingredients

    • ATP - stores essential energy for younger looking skin.
    • Actinergie - increases oxygenation in the skin.
    • Mafane Extract - firms.
    • 56 Active Ingredients - supplies the elements required for healthy regeneration of the skin.
  • Use Daily: Morning and Evening

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