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Indulge in a whole new level of clean, healthier looking skin!


The MBK Glo Brush is like no other cleansing device on the market. This two-sided, hand held silicone cleansing  tool turns cleansing and toning into a quick 2-minute daily routine. 

The MBK Glo Brush has one side that is a soft silicone brush that gently cleanses and massages the skin using positive ions and biomechanical vibration. This side has four speeds of vibration to stimulate and cleanse!

The other side is smooth with negative ions. Choose LED, heat, vibration, and microcurrent to improve circulation, product penetration, or firm and tone skin. 


Microcurrent: 100-400μA Mimics brainwaves, activates skin cells, stimulates muscles and collagen regeneration. Skin will be more elastic and skin tone improved. 

LED: Red and Yellow

Red: 625nm-635nm - Great for anti-aging (tightening and firming) and pigmentation

Yellow: 585nm-595nm - Great for calming redness and sensitivity.


NEGATIVE/POSTIVE ION MODE: The positive ion mode aids in cleansing and helps remove residue. The negative ion mode on the smooth side helps with product penetration. 

Biomechanical Vibration - The gentle vibrations stimulate muscles, improving the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue for smooth healthy skin.

Soothing Warmth: Heat helps open the pores for better product penetration and removal of residue on the skin.

This unit fits comfortably in the hand and it's great for travel! It is backed by a 2-year warranty.




Plug the charging cord into the device. Plug into a USB source such as a USB adapter then a wall outlet or into a USB port on cell phone, laptop, tablet, or USB charging bank with a 5V output. The red light blinks during charging. It will go solid when the device is fully charged. Allow 3 hours for the first charge.


IMPORTANT: You must apply cleanser to wet skin when using the silicone cleansing side of the Glo Brush. You must use conducting gel when using the smooth side.

Cleansing with Silicone Brush (Positive Ions / Sonic Mode Vibration):

  • Apply cleanser to face making sure there is plenty of water on the skin.
  • Press and hold the on/off key for 3 seconds to start the device in sonic mode.
  • Choose a comfortable vibration using the +/- keys. (The device defaults to level 1 vibration when it is initially turned on.)
  • Cleanse the face for about 2 minutes using circular movements.
  • Rinse and repeat cleanse if wearing a lot of makeup.
  • Turn off the device by pressing the on/off key.
  • Rinse the face with lukewarm water.

When turning device on, it is in sonic mode with vibration for cleansing side of device. You must apply additional quick presses on smooth side to choose desired mode as outlined below.

Always use slow, controlled upward and outward movements when in a treatment mode. Duration use can be as long as it takes to cover entire face. You may repeat if desired.

Mode Selection Options: (Smooth side after initial press to turn on device.)

  • 1 press activates Circulation Mode: Red LED + Vibration + Heat (when pressed to skin) This mode is ideal for dull, lackluster skin.
  • 2 presses activates Infusion Mode: Yellow LED + Vibration + Heat (when pressed to skin). This mode is optimal for product penetration.
  • 3 presses activate Firming Mode: Microcurrent + Red LED + Heat (when pressed to skin) without vibration. This mode is optimal for lift and tone. You must use conducting gel in this mode. Wipe off gel and proceed with next steps in skincare.


  • Wipe the device with an antibacterial wipe before using for the first time and soap and after each use. Do not use abrasive products to clean the device and be gentle when wiping to avoid damaging the device.
  • When the power consumption is at 20 percent, the red light indicator will blink twice every 10 seconds to indicate that the device needs to be charged.
  • The device will automatically shut down when the device has been drained.
  • To avoid electric leakage, burns, fire, or damage, do not immerse the device in water.

      CONTRAINDICATIONS: Do not use this device without consulting a medical professional if any of these situations exist for you:  

      • Under 18 years of age
      • Pregnant
      • Epilepsy
      • Tumors
      • Cancer
      • Eczema
      • Cardiac pacemaker
      • Cardiac defibrillator
      • Devices implanted within the body
      • Use caution using LED if light sensitive
      • Do NOT look directly into light source for long period of time
      • Do NOT use red light for a long time directly over thyroid
      • Do NOT use microcurrent over the area of the heart
      • Do NOT immerse device in water. 

      MBK GLO Brush