Christal M Petrak, LC, BA

Licensed Cosmetologist, Para-Medical Skin Revisionist and Beauty Expert

The idea for the site began when Christal was having cystic acne and problematic skin in her 20's. She tried every acne treatment and product available and found they all lacked lasting results.  On a quest for clear skin, she found an esthetician with advanced training who emphasized skin care education and internal wellness.  Her skin quickly became healthy and vibrant with regular facial treatments and the proper home care. 

In the past two decades, Christal has created countless individual skin care plans as well as educated her clients and staff on overcoming their skin challenges. As a mentor and esthetics educator for staff over the years, she is frequently sought out for her para-medical expertise and vast knowledge within the beauty industry. Christal is currently working as an author advisor for a book on cosmetic chemistry. 


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